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One 2 One

Yoga in the privacy of your own home/garden/open outdoor space or via private video link

Individual yoga tuition is a great way for you to maximise the benefits of a good yoga class.  I can give instruction based on you and your needs, adapting postures and taking things at your pace.

I can now do One 2 One classes in your home or garden, in my studio, or via a video link like Zoom or FaceTime.  All you need is a place where you feel comfortable and with enough room to lie out flat.

Whichever option you choose you get completely full and individual attention and this in turn enables you to get much more out of the Yoga, both physically and mentally.

Why One 2 One ?

    • Unable to get to a regular class
    • New student wanting to learn the basics
    • Deepen your current yoga practice
    • You have specific health needs


 email: anne@bodies-yoga.co.uk    call/text: 07960 962662