Men and Yoga

Many men view Yoga as a 'girlie thing' -- all posing and lying around on the floor!  Well news for you guys, it is definitely not that; Dru Yoga is a great way to stretch out overtight muscles and will build your core strength giving you a much better platform for performing in other sports.


"After initial trepidation of being the only bloke in the class.......I wasn't. I now look forward to the Monday night Dru Yoga challenge. Anne takes us through a series of movements all building on the last that have improved my posture, suppleness and core strength. Dru Yoga is gradually easing away spinal inflexibility and back pain."



Many men suffer from over tightness in their shoulders and hips together with stress and poor posture often due to their work.  All of these can be eased and improved by taking part in my Dru Yoga classes.

If you are new to Yoga please take a look at my list of helpful information for beginners, hopefully it will give you more idea of what to expect. New to Yoga.







Paul in a lateral twist


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