One 2 One


Dru Yoga in the privacy of your own home or my private studio

'If you can't come to me I will come to you'

Individual yoga tuition can be held in your own home. Provided you can move a few chairs and the cat you have space for yoga!

If you prefer my private studio is light and airy in the Summer and candle lit and cosy in the Winter, with the bonus of underfloor heating.

In either case you get completely full and individual attention and this in turn enables you to get much more out of the Yoga, both physically and mentally.

Why One 2 One

    • Unable to get to a regular class
    • New student wanting to learn the basics
    • Deepen your current yoga practice
    • You have specific health needs

Sessions are priced from £40 for 1hour.

Friends or Family -- Two friends or family members can be included for the same price!!




“I have been with Anne from day one! 

She has a genuine commitment to developing the practice of Dru Yoga. Her experience in teaching yoga is evident in the ease in which she communicates, giving clear instructions, positive encouragement and body awareness.

Anne’s teaching style centres and calms my mind while also challenging my body.  I highly recommend her classes.”




Private tuition at Home - Paul & Alizon
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