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Dru Yoga produces a number of products, such as books and CD recordings aimed at providing additional practice material for its practitioners.  At Bodies-Yoga I stock a number of these items that I have found are popular with the people who attend my classes.  These items, detailed below, are available on request by email or phone directly from me.

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Stillness in Motion – Dru Yoga spiral bound illustrated book,  £14.99

Packed with easy to follow yoga, essential tips and information

Self-Analysis chakra chart to find the power points in your life

Innovative diagrams revealing how energy flows during your practice

Dru Yoga programmes to suit everyone’s needs

‘Dru Yoga should be available in every GP surgery; Dr Hilary Jones, Practicing GP and Medical broadcaster.

Health & Harmony - CD, £13.00

Padma McIntyre is a senior tutor on the International Dru Yoga Teacher Training Course.  Drawing upon her many years of experience in teaching creative dance and yoga, Padma invites you to share her enthusiasm and passion for movement.  She encourages you to make Dru Yoga part of your lifestyle as you explore this home programme at your own pace and discover the richness and depth within each of the practices.

Track 1 – Introduction

Track 2 – Activations

Track 3 – Standing Meditation

Track 4 – Energy Block Release Sequence 1

Track 5 – Paschimottanasana – Sitting forward Bend

Track 6 – Deep Relaxation

Track 7 – Lotus Mudra

Total Health - CD, £13.00

Dru Yoga and Meditation trainer Louise Rowan has pioneered and established Dru teacher training courses in the UK and North America.  An inspirational workshop leader, her personalised coaching programmes have helped hundreds of people discover their innate health, as well as the power of clear visioning, ethical leadership and personal empowerment.

Track 1 – Introduction

Track 2 – Activations

Track 3 – Energy Block Release Sequence 2 pt 1

Track 4 – Energy Block Release Sequence 2 pt 2

Track 5 – Deep Relaxation

Track 6 – The Shanti Mudra – Mudra of Peace

Books and CD's from Dru Yoga available through Bodies-Yoga
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